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Newsreel from 1924  (1924)

This early silent newsreel features footage of President and Mrs. Coolidge at the White House and the construction of a new park in Placerville, CA.

Manhatta  (1921)

A portrait of New York by painter Charles Sheeler and photographer Paul Strand. The title cards show quotes from Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass.

News of 1923  (1923)

This newsreel includes coverage of the Gordon Bennett Balloon Race, during which five participants died after being struck by lightning.

Today and Yesterday -- 1929  (1929)

This newsreel, from 1929 explores progress in transportation, fashion and other areas in the 25 years since 1903.

Uncle Franks Farm  (1921)

Story of a new migrant working on the rail, bought a farm with money he saved and applying new methods to farming and life

Wheels of Progress  (1927)

This 1927 silent film details the progress of transportation in the years since 1897 and focuses on the benefits of a good public road system.