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For the most part, the Sixties was a time of social and political unrest. A rapidly escalated war in Vietnam'; the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, his brother Senator Robert F. Kennedy and civil rights leader Martin Luther King; race riots and marches and peace demonstrations and sit-ins all combined to weave the tapestry of the decade.

But beyond all that, there was a hint of several silver linings among the mass of gray clouds. More Americans found there political and social voices. We became more aware of world events, injustice and chinks in the armor of the established order. Although many looked upon the hippies, yippies and rights activists with disdain, these pioneers helped to re-establish the right to be different and consider unpopular points of view. They may not have had the answers, but they found the power to ask the questions.

On the homefront, families discovered color TV, stereo music, diet soda and instamatic cameras. For many, the vehicle of choice was some variety of the inexpensive and reliable Volkswagen and 25 cent per gallon gasoline combined with rising wages meant that longer road trips and vacations were possible.


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